Book Review: ECGs for the Emergency Physician 1

ECGs for the Emergency Physician 1 is basically an ECG teaching file with a good mix of clear-cut and more abstruse cases. Interpretations are provided by Dr. Amal Mattu who … Continue Reading →


Teach Yourself Dermatology!

You can become good to excellent at dermatology with the aid of no more than three books: Andrews’ Diseases of the Skin: Clinical Dermatology, 11e (2011): this book is king … Continue Reading →

Rapid Interpretation of ECGs in Emergency Medicine

Book Review: Rapid Interpretation of ECGs in Emergency Medicine

I don’t have any electrocardiography books on my list of best medical books of all time. There are a few contenders for that spot.  One of them is Rapid Interpretation … Continue Reading →

Oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve (from Wikipedia)

Hypoxia: Critical but Often Poorly Understood Concepts

Hypoxemic Hypoxia Arterial hypoxemia almost always points to either a reduction of the inspired oxygen tension or to a lung problem. When troubleshooting a hypoxemic patient, it sometimes helps to … Continue Reading →

Surgical Recall

Book Review: Surgical Recall, 6e

Surgical Recall, 6e (2012) by Lorne H. Blackbourne MD is an 800-page handbook that is packed with very high-yield clinical information that all primary care physicians should find relevant. The … Continue Reading →


2013: The Best Medical Books of All Time

Here is my as-of-year-2013 list of the best medical books of all time, books which I consider to be great to spectacular. Anonymous posts are allowed. Please let me know … Continue Reading →

Macrocytic Anemia: The Workup

The workup for macrocytic anemia should include some or all the following: Peripheral blood smear: this is the most important step. Hypersegmented neutrophils and macroovalocytes point to B12 and folate … Continue Reading →